Forget your hardware, use the cloud for gaming.

Play the latest games without an expensive gaming PC.

Choose your hardware from any of our providers and play your PC games from anywhere on any device.

At Parsec, we believe that the world is shifting from owning high-powered computers to accessing them. The Parsec streaming platform lets you access any cloud gaming machine.

We recently partnered with Amazon and Paperspace to launch the Parsec Cloud Gaming Marketplace, so you have a choice on which of the most powerful cloud gaming computers you want to use.

In as little as five minutes you can play today's AAA titles – and your entire gaming library – at glorious 1080p/60fps with minimal latency. You can even play offline co-op games with your friends online.

Amazon Web Services

Choose between an Nvidia Kepler or Maxwell Tesla card with plenty of RAM and CPU to play your favorite games. Pricing varies regionally, but AWS servers are available across the world in 8 regions.


Paperspace offers Pascal and Maxwell Nvidia cards at a lower price than Amazon, but they're only available in the US. These machines are less expensive and offer higher performance than the Amazon Web Services GPU line.

  • Ultra low latency video streaming softwareUltra-Low Latency

  • full 60 FPS game streaming software for cloud gaming60 FPS

  • Stream games from the cloud in HD2K Streaming

  • Networking protocol for connecting to a gaming PC over the internetNetworking For Gaming

Our technology delivers an ultra-smooth, low latency streaming experience — Any game, any time, no frills.