developer building projects with Parsec

Projects built with Parsec.

We try to open source when we can. Meanwhile, we support developers building projects with the Parsec game streaming protocol and software for non-commercial purposes by keeping the platform open and maintaining configuration options that can be added to scripts. Check out some of the developer projects below.

Switch Berry - A Raspberry Pi Handheld

Take your gaming PC with you on a Raspberry Pi handheld built to resemble a Nintendo Switch. Drew Wallace provides instructions on how to build it and open sourced the software.

cloud gaming tools built with Parsec

Cloud Gaming Tools

Although we offer tools to manage cloud gaming PCs, some developers set up machines in the cloud following this tutorial. This project from Larry Gadea manages Paperspace machines. This script bids on spot instances for low priced cloud gaming.

Wake On LAN

Waking your gaming PC from afar to accept a Parsec connection makes it a lot easier to manage your gaming machine for streaming. Gianfranco Cossani Morales built this script to help others wake up their machine and start gaming.

Stream games from your gaming PC with Parsec

Parsec Integration With RetroPie

RetroPie is a fantastic tool for playing your old school games on a Raspberry Pi. @Kozova1 built an integration into RetroPie for Parsec, so you can play your retro games and seamlessly start playing AAA games on your Pi.

Stream From An Xbox With Parsec

Spencer McGuire wanted to play his Xbox games when he was on his macBook Pro, so he figured out how to pair an Xbox with his PC at home to easily stream from home to anywhere with Parsec.

Stream games from your Xbox with Parsec

Please join our Discord Server to let people know what you are working on. The community is supportive and excited to hear from you. If you are interested in licensing our technology for a commercial product, please reach out for licensing information.

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