Client configuration.

Passed to ParsecClientConnect. Regarding resolutionX, resolutionY, and refreshRate: These settings apply only in HOST_DESKTOP if the client is the first client to connect, and that client is the owner of the computer. Setting resolutionX or resolutionY to 0 will leave the host resolution unaffected, otherwise the host will attempt to find the closest matching resolution / refresh rate.


int32_tdecoderSoftwaretrue to force decoding of video frames via a software implementation.
int32_tmediaContainerParsecContainer value.
int32_tprotocolParsecProtocol value.
int32_tresolutionXSee details.
int32_tresolutionYSee details.
int32_trefreshRateSee details.
boolpngCursortrue to return compressed PNG cursor images during ParsecClientPollEvents, false to return a 32-bit RGBA image.