Client configuration.

Passed to ParsecClientConnect. Regarding resolutionX, resolutionY, and refreshRate: These settings apply only in HOST_DESKTOP if the client is the first client to connect, and that client is the owner of the computer. Setting resolutionX or resolutionY to 0 will leave the host resolution unaffected, otherwise the host will attempt to find the closest matching resolution / refresh rate.


int32_tdecoderSoftwaretrue to force decoding of video frames via a software implementation.
int32_tmediaContainerParsecContainer value.
int32_tprotocolParsecProtocol value.
int32_tresolutionXSee details.
int32_tresolutionYSee details.
int32_trefreshRateSee details.
uint32_taudioBufferAudio buffer in 20ms packets, i.e. a setting of 6 would be a 120ms buffer. When audio received exceeds this buffer, the client will fast forward the audio to the size of the buffer divided by 2.
boolpngCursortrue to return compressed PNG cursor images during ParsecClientPollEvents, false to return a 32-bit RGBA image.
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