Integrate The Parsec SDK

Parsec's technology can be integrated into any other application giving your software an ultra-low latency, peer-to-peer networking feature that makes your product accessible from anywhere.

Ultra-low latency, interactive streaming technology for your software

With Parsec integrated into your software, you can focus on the product your customers love, and we can make sure they always have access from any device via ultra-low latency interactive video streaming.

We handle the peer-to-peer networking, NAT traversal, video streaming, video compression, and video rendering. All of that is taken care of, so you can focus on your product. Reach out here to learn how to integrate Parsec into your software.

Featured Parsec SDK Integrations

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link

With the PlayGalaxy Link, the Galaxy Note 10 is the ultimate gaming device on-the-go. Note 10 customers with the PlayGalaxy Link application will always have access to their favorite games via an ultra-low latency technology that lets them connect directly to their gaming PC.

OMEN Game Stream

Parsec is integrated directly into HP's OMEN Game streaming product, giving OMEN customers direct access to their OMEN from anywhere. With Parsec integrated, HP was able to roll out the OMEN Game Streaming software and make OMEN computers the center of their customers' gaming lives from any device.