Parsec for Teams

Collaborate on game development, CAD, and video editing without
missing a frame with the best remote desktop solution out there.

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Endless Applications.
No Hardware Necessary.

We give any team smooth, low latency, 60 FPS remote desktop access. With UHD video streaming and absolute & relative mouse handling, Parsec can handle the most intense graphics you’ve got. No custom configurations or virtual machines. A simple download and you’re up and running.

Teamwork Management

Upgrade to Parsec for Teams and unlock advanced team management tools. Create an organization, invite your team, and manage who has access to a computer on the fly.

Secure Streaming

Login with multi-factor authentication through either an application or IP address. Video, audio, and input packets are encrypted with DTLS and handled peer-to-peer. Your work’s safe with Parsec.

Simple Pricing

Download and test Parsec for free before you subscribe. For $30/month per account, you get all of the Teams administrator tools to set up your organization and keep your team working from anywhere with Parsec.

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