We believe everyone should have access to the best computing in the world.

The world is entering a new phase of computing where all of our software and processing will be delivered via shared resources. We want to eliminate personal hardware and free everyone from the constant upgrade cycles required to keep up with the latest software. Our core technology behind this experience is a low latency, 60 frames per second video streamer and low latency UDP networking that make cloud computers feel like native devices. We’ve applied this technology to gaming. Parsec gives gamers access to PC gaming from the cloud or to their personal gaming machine from anywhere in the world.

With Parsec, gamers no longer have to buy expensive PCs or consoles to access the entertainment they love. If a gamer already owns a PC, they can Parsec into it from anywhere or share it with friends. Gaming is the most immersive media in the world, and our technology increases the accessibility of those experiences.

Our Technology

We are focused on building the lowest latency remote computing technology available while maintaining 60 frames per second and 1080p quality display.

How did we accomplish this?

Everything we've done required low-level hardware encoding and decoding. We're not compromising on this because our focus on quality and latency is what distinguishes our product from others in the market. We did not invent the underlying technologies we're using, but we are taking advantage of industry-wide investments in compression, internet infrastructure, and cloud computing. As 5G wireless, h.265 compression, and improvements in networking continue to unfold, we believe this technology will change how the world accesses computing.

Our Team

Dan Applegate photo

Dan Applegate

Software Engineer

Led Infrastructure Development at Skillshare and a developer at Rokkan

Favorite Game Morrowind

benjy boxer photo

Benjy Boxer

Founder and CEO

Previously the Director of Product at NewsCred, founder of Arkad, and Corporate Development at AOL.

Favorite Game Civ 6

chris dickson photo

Chris Dickson

Founder and CTO

Previously founded Hover Hound, PC Hound, Beast Cloud Computing, and Atma Links.

Favorite Game Counter Strike

jamie dickson photo

Jamie Dickson

Software Engineer

Self taught engineer with a focus on IoT and gaming.

Favorite Game Chrono Trigger

Jake Lazaroff photo

Jake Lazaroff


Previously a software engineer at NewsCred and Livestream.

Favorite Game Stronghold

erik nygren photo

Erik Nygren

Software Engineer

Was a Software Engineer at Docurated, Wildcard, Skimlinks and co-founded Beast Cloud Computing and Atma Links.

Favorite Game Magic: The Gathering

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We'll take care of the benefits (healthcare and dental are covered). You'll get equity and cash. Together, we'll build an awesome technology company in the Lower East Side of NYC.



Do you want to join a fast growing startup with the goal to change how everyone accesses computers and plays the games they love? We are looking for people to join the guild.

Desired Skills Entrepreneurial, Passionate About Gaming

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