Parsec Warp

Get visual enhancements, added settings, and more controls that add up to a super–powered Parsec.
Upgrade for a low monthly cost, and enjoy the ride.

$9.99/month$99.99/year -16%

Parsec Warp enhances the ways you
game, work, and whatever else

  • Better colors

    Better Color

    4:4:4 color mode makes everything sharper, crisper, and colory-er. Available for NVIDIA Hosts running GTX 900 or better.

  • Pen and tablet support

    Pen + Tablet Support

    Plug in your favorite drawing tablet and boom, it just works.
    Available for Windows 8+ clients and Windows 10 hosts.

  • Run on two monitors at once

    Dual Streaming

    Run Parsec on multiple monitors at the same time. Party on one, business on the other. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux only.

  • Switch between screens

    Screen Switching

    Jump from one screen to another in just a couple clicks.

Do you need Parsec Warp?
Well, do you…

  • Use Parsec to create stuff?

    4:4:4 and dual streaming are gonna make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Multitask?

    Switch between apps and accomplish more from the same set-up.

  • Organize streams and events?

    Make Parsec your control center with multiple Parsec streams and monitor switching.

  • Love Parsec?

    Your Warp subscription supports us and keeps Parsec free for everyone (and thanks, we love ya too).

Then yes. Warp's right for you.
Go on, get it.

$9.99/month$99.99/year -16%

You are prepared.

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